Legal groups, community organisations, unions oppose NSW anti-protest laws

Legal Observers NSW is among 39 legal and community organisations to sign an open letter opposing the anti-protest laws rushed through the Legislative Assembly Wednesday night and due to be considered in the Legislative Council today. The laws make disrupting or obstructing a pedestrian or traffic punishable by 2 years imprisonment and a $22k fine.Continue reading “Legal groups, community organisations, unions oppose NSW anti-protest laws”

Policing of Common Ground vicinity September 11

Legal observers deployed in the vicinity of Common Ground housing on Saturday 11 September witnessed a number of concerning uses of police power. Residents at Common Ground had asked those living within a 5km radius to show solidarity by wearing purple and exercising in a COVID-safe way near the residence at 1pm. Police issued aContinue reading “Policing of Common Ground vicinity September 11”

Open Letter on the Lockdown of Common Ground Sydney Residents

Legal and human rights groups condemn the inappropriate policing and unlawful searches imposed on residents of Common Ground in Camperdown. We stand in solidarity with the residents in lockdown. The sudden and poorly communicated hard lockdown of Common Ground residence, run by Mission Australia, has left residents confused and distressed. We reiterate the ongoing callsContinue reading “Open Letter on the Lockdown of Common Ground Sydney Residents”

Statement on Policing of Sydney Lockdown

Legal Observers NSW is concerned about the policing of the Sydney lockdown beginning 26 June. Heavy-handed policing poses a grave threat to our ability to effectively respond to the virus and infringes on basic human rights. This lockdown, the NSW government has focussed on policing vulnerable communities instead of communicating clear information and providing theContinue reading “Statement on Policing of Sydney Lockdown”

Policing of the Free Palestine Rally May 22

The Free Palestine rally on May 22 saw significant police presence and a number of concerning policing practices. Key points include: An officer was observed wearing a thin blue line patch. This is the second time this year that a Police NSW officer has been observers displaying this symbol, which has been sanctioned by VictoriaContinue reading “Policing of the Free Palestine Rally May 22”

Policing of the Trans Day of Visibility Rally March 27

Key points: The rally once again saw a heavy police presence. About 50 officers, 6 horses and 8 vehicles were deployed to police a protest of about 300 people. Police kept a constant perimeter around the protestors. 6 police horses followed protestors down King St at a distance of about 5 metres as cars andContinue reading “Policing of the Trans Day of Visibility Rally March 27”

COVID-19 Protest Policing January-March 2021 – Unequal and Unjustified

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to ease, restrictions on protest remain unduly tight and unevenly applied. This report draws on first-hand legal observer data to examine policing at three recent Sydney protests – the Pride in Protest Mardi Gras March, the Women’s March and the Invasion Day rally. The approach adopted by NSW PoliceContinue reading “COVID-19 Protest Policing January-March 2021 – Unequal and Unjustified”